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BDS VirCon - Steel Detailing, Rebar Detailing, Virtual Construction, and BIM


Steel Detailing

Using state of the art software technology with systems and procedures we produce the highest quality shop drawings and models to LOD 400 specifications for fabrication, erection and a range of Construction BIM deliverables such as: 3D Modelling. Shop Drawings, Erection Plans, Anchor Bolt Drawings, Connection Sketches, DSTV Files for Cutting & Drilling, DXF Files for Plate work, Field Bolt Lists, Project Tracking Controls, Advance Bill of Material, BIM Modelling & Clash Detection, Piping


Rebar Detailing

Our services include rebar detailing and estimating where we work directly with contractors, installers and engineers.. Our services include: Field Placement/Shop Drawings, 3D Modelling of Rebar, Connection Sketches, Bar Listing, Project Co-ordination Weight and/or Cost Change Tracking and Submitting.


Virtual Construction

We create models with real time computer aided construction simulation resulting in accurate, 3D modelling phases. We are one of the world's largest virtual construction firms and strive to remain our reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The planning, construction and productions models are all integrated into our Virtual Construction.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BDS VirCon is a virtual construction company where BIM processes are a vital part of our construction projects. BIM is a virtual model of a structure which shows the phyisical characteristics of a building. BIM are designed by engineers, architects and surveyors before being handed over to the contractors. BDS VirCon are BIM experts, we invest in the latest technology to consistently be industry leaders in virtual construction.

Modeling Services


Model Creation, Consolidation and Repurposing for Facilities Management, BIM and Construction

One of the key enablers for Smart Connected Facilities is an appropriate BIM, which has to be accurate, data rich, compatible with facility management systems and light weight file size.  These models can be obtained by either repurposing existing construction models, which often exist for facilities that have been built in the last ten years.  Alternatively the models can be created from engineering drawings and laser scans of the facility.  

BDS VirCon offers the benefit of immense model co-ordination expertise having worked with clients ranging from owners, engineers, general contractors, fabricators and EPCM firms where our roles have varied from modelling, detailing, model co-ordination and also animation.  From this we have gained in-depth experience of working with various software platforms and file formats which are critical to successful model co-ordination and building a consolidated BIM model.  Our value proposition is: