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BDS VirCon - Steel Detailing, Rebar Detailing, Virtual Construction, and BIM


Steel Detailing

Using state of the art software technology with systems and procedures we produce the highest quality shop drawings and models to LOD 400 specifications for fabrication, erection and a range of Construction BIM deliverables such as: 3D Modelling. Shop Drawings, Erection Plans, Anchor Bolt Drawings, Connection Sketches, DSTV Files for Cutting & Drilling, DXF Files for Plate work, Field Bolt Lists, Project Tracking Controls, Advance Bill of Material, BIM Modelling & Clash Detection, Piping


Rebar Detailing

Our services include rebar detailing and estimating where we work directly with contractors, installers and engineers.. Our services include: Field Placement/Shop Drawings, 3D Modelling of Rebar, Connection Sketches, Bar Listing, Project Co-ordination Weight and/or Cost Change Tracking and Submitting.


Virtual Construction

We create models with real time computer aided construction simulation resulting in accurate, 3D modelling phases. We are one of the world's largest virtual construction firms and strive to remain our reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The planning, construction and productions models are all integrated into our Virtual Construction.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BDS VirCon is a virtual construction company where BIM processes are a vital part of our construction projects. BIM is a virtual model of a structure which shows the phyisical characteristics of a building. BIM are designed by engineers, architects and surveyors before being handed over to the contractors. BDS VirCon are BIM experts, we invest in the latest technology to consistently be industry leaders in virtual construction.

Construction — Forensic Modelling and Animation


For litigation & dispute resolution on projects, the benefits are real:

♦ Visualise & orientate intricate construction sites

♦ Animate construction activities & plot their impact

♦ Illustrate complex situations graphically with timelines

♦ Communicate through persuasive 3-D and 4-D mediums



Construction — Forensic Modelling and Animation

Your success in either disputes or litigation or even variation claims is largely determined by how effectively you communicate and get others to accept your position. When stating your case, our high-quality animations and images significantly enhance the comprehension of complex information in intricate construction projects by converting it into a persuasive visual representation.

Courtroom technology is progressing to full event immersion—the ability to immerse your audience will enable them to fully experience and understand the situation firsthand. Forensic animation is a highly persuasive tool, particularly in complex projects and hard to explain situations.

Through our detailed understanding of the construction process we can visualise, model and animate events based off site logs, notes, and other digital models to visually present the case. BDS VirCon’s vast experience and resources enables us to track the impact of a broad range of issues such as—faulty workmanship, poor design, design changes and delays, which all can impact project schedule, costs, and damages claims.

Using our experienced staff to analyse the project data, we recreate all construction activates including earthwork, fabrication, erection, ducting, cabling, glazing; featuring concrete, steel, brick, timber, asphalt, glass, etc. Then through digital modelling and the latest BIM technology we produce persuasive videos and fly-throughs from 4-D models, which include the timing and sequence of events. Our proprietary technology links a relational database to the models and the animation, enabling visual scenario planning and ‘what if’ analysis of the case.

This form of visual testimony makes it easy for your audience to familiarise themselves with the site and visualise the sequence of events. This animation is created using our leading international detailing and building information modelling expertise, the latest software, proprietary technology and the experience gained on numerous iconic industrial and commercial projects in over 45 years. We have the unique combination of industry leading construction modelling experience and the technical animation skills to produce the most compelling visual representation of your case  and perspective.

BDS VirCon’s Forensic Modelling and Animation division is vastly experienced in this field, headed by our Managing Director, Don Engler—a Registered Professional Engineer with 40 years of global experience in the construction industry. He has testified as an Expert Witness in numerous cases where digital models were used extensively. Don serves on the Code of Standard Practice committee for the American Institute of Steel Construction.

To find out more about how we can assist with your construction dispute or variation claim please contact us at:

Don Engler, Arizona, USA

Tel: +1 480 287 2951
Kerry Lindemann, Brisbane, Australia

Tel: +6 17 3503 5816



About us

BDS VirCon is a leading international consultancy producing ‘Virtual Construction’ design, detailing and models for large complex projects. It’s one of the most technically advanced and skilled companies of its kind in the world with the capacity to work across multiple time zones — utilising project managers, modellers and detailers in six countries. BDS VirCon’s captive dedicated research team has developed proprietary technology, programs, workflows, management tools and processes that are critical to its technical leadership.
The unique combination of its experienced team, proprietary technology and ‘best of breed’ hardware and software, enables it to deliver highly accurate detailing, building information modelling and animation within compressed timeframes. BDS VirCon’s vast experience over numerous iconic projects over more than 45 years, enables it to intimately understand the delivery process of design, modelling, manufacturing, erection and construction.


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